Life’s Seasons is an accredited organization with

Starr Commonwealth

Life’s Seasons is the first organization to receive accreditation as a Starr Commonwealth Trauma and Resilience Informed Agency. Accreditation is awarded after an organization meets the benchmarks of its Starr customized action plan including Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner (CTRP) and Certified Trauma & Resilience Trainer (CTRT) certifications and successful documentation of compliance with Starr’s current standards.  Compliance is determined by an organization’s alignment with Starr’s Accreditation Standards as evidenced by written documents and an on-site evaluation completed by Starr Management.

Our accreditation signifies the successful completion of Starr Commonwealth’s Trauma Informed Accreditation requirements and Life’s Seasons expertise and commitment to building resilience in the lives of the individuals, and communities we serve. 

Life Season’s team holds accreditation award

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