Jacinda Salisbury


Jacinda was born and raised in Lambton County and spent much of her childhood with her nose buried in a book. Even as an adult, Jacinda can often be found absorbed in a book, either studying or delving into another story.

Books have always held a special place in Jacinda’s heart because she has a deep compassion for people’s stories. She believes that stories allow people to speak their truths while seeing their journeys unfold before them.

People and their stories became so important to Jacinda that she felt compelled to walk beside them, offering support as they navigated and processed difficult chapters in their lives. To pursue this calling, Jacinda attended Lambton College and graduated from the Social Service Worker program. She also earned her certification as a Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialist in the Clinical track through STARR Commonwealth.

Jacinda’s philosophy of care is centered on encouraging and empowering healing by providing a safe space for individuals to speak their truths and share their stories. She is dedicated to witnessing their journeys and supporting them along the way.